Blossoming Mother Counselling



Become the mother and woman you want to be!


What if the challenges of motherhood could actually help you grow and evolve as a woman, AND become the mother you yearn to be? 


Reaching out for support is the first big step toward living the life you want as a mother. 


If you're overwhelmed, lost and struggling day-to-day, you don't have to go it alone. Mothers need support to thrive!

Hi! I'm Katherine Aucoin


I'm a counsellor and coach for mothers of young children.


I believe that with the right support, you (yes, you!) can find more peace and enjoyment in your daily life and more confidence as a parent.


Healing old emotional wounds allows you to  find freedom for yourself, have deeper connections to the important people in your life, and also helps to avoid passing down your unfinished business to your children.  


Become the woman you're meant to be. Become the mother your children truly need.


You have it in you to be a blossoming mother! 


All of my services are conveniently offered online. Check them out below: 


Resources to help you find more peace, contentment and balance on your motherhood journey.





Recorded online workshops to help you be at your best. Download them and watch anytime.





Available for both mothers and couples.

Delve into the issues and struggles that are keeping you stuck. Find freedom and joy on your motherhood journey!  






A 3-month online personal growth and parenting program for mothers. Evolve yourself and transform your parenting! Available as a group program (with a support group every two weeks) or as a self-study program. 

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